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Things I've learnt in a year

It's nearly the end of the year, I was making a list of things that I've achieved a year ago.

The list.

In no particular order of date achieved

  1. Completed by Diploma in ICT.
  2. Completed the Professional Certificate in Full Stack Web Development.
  3. Completed the Golang Apprenticeship Programme.
  4. Started my Degree in Cyber-Security & Forensic Computing.
  5. Career Switch to a Software Engineer.
  6. Join my first company as a Software Engineer.
  7. Got retrenched from first company due to investor funding.
  8. Join my second company as a Software Engineer.
  9. Found a mentor that catches up with me every week.
  10. Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner.


Was it worth it so far? Hell Yes!

Why? I've met many people and made loads of new friends, learnt so much from them and I am grateful for their honest, critical and yet enlightening opinions. The intellectual conversations and the insights that they are willing to share, has made me so much more happier than my entire length of service in the government.

Though I still do have good friends within the government, but comparing to the prospects and opportunities of growth. I would say that the grass is really greener so far, even though I feel the stress and pressure to deliver/perform to a certain extent. I'd say that the private sector rewards those deserve the recognition.

Plans for the new year

Well I do have plans, for a start I intend to finish my degree. Apply for study award, start working on my startup idea. Learn a new programming language, build my first cross platform mobile app and then publish to Google / Apple Store.


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