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The Thirst for Knowledge?

Over the week, I caught up with my former company mentor for some advice. It made me realise, after going through different forms of technical interviews that I lack technical depth. I struggle trying to explain the concepts of different in-built methods from varying programming languages.

Self Reflection

While I barely scraped through the interviews, it left me with an unpleasent impression. I kept thinking whether I was good enough at all, in my present company I do not have the luxury of exchanging of ideas or going through PRs and discussing about best practices or alternative ways to do things. Its just constant development of new features and churning out the code that converts the business logic into the endpoint.

Things to look forward

As we approach the new year, I really hope to find a new company that can help me grow as a developer much like my very first company - Software Risk. Even though it was a small team, we had some sort of learning structure and proper code reviews. As I fulfill my first year mark into the private sector as a developer/engineer. Personally, 2021 has culminated as a year of learning and growth for me.

As a late bloomer, who didn't like to take studying seriously. I've come to develop a passion for learning, never stop learning and treat every experience as something you can improve on. I've lost count of the amount of rejections, ghostings, from recruiters/companies I've had over the past year. But my resolve to find the best for myself has not died down, previously I didn't have a choice but now I do. And I should make the best of it.

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