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A new year, a new hope.

Its the time of the year again where everyone is preparing to celebrate a new year. And with the celebration on the way, comes the new year resolution. My only wish is that I can successfully make the career switch and fulfill my goal to venture into the IT industry and build products that can impact the future.

I hated my past, but am looking forward to the future. All the lessons learnt from the past should help me understand transition better.

Improvements for my Telegram Bot

Over the past week, I've been learning further about how can I improve my bot. Comparing some of the works of my classmates, mine seems really rudimentary and doesnt really display the full scope of what Golang is capable of doing. Relying on pre-built opensource packages really helped keep my codebase lean and readable.

But I felt that it wasnt complex enough as compared to my previous projects. Some of the questions I asked myself were:

  1. How do I implement security features?
  2. What are the alternative databases to use?
  3. How do I handle concurrent requests to the same data?
  4. How do I optimise the bot to start when used. Instead of constantly polling for request?
  5. How can I further breakdown the Bot tasks?
  6. How do I handle the map requests from mutiple users (<1 million)?

Next Golang Project

Some other projects i'm currently working on which I thought would be worthwhile to build.

  1. Forex Buy/Sell Predictor Bot
  2. Startup Project - Company Sourcing Portal



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