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A Year of Milestones

It's finally been 1 year since I've left the government sector. And it's been a roller coaster ride for me, one would definitely think that leaving a stable income with nice bonuses for something unknown is foolhardy. But they also fail to understand how mentally torturing it is to stay on. Its like you're slowly numbing/poisoning yourself and eventually die a slow death. The death of motivation, the death of innovation, the death of striving to be a better self.

It has been a blast to be pursuing my dream. Previously I was just another clueless person with no direction in life that just wanted to earn a steady income to be able to provide for the family.

Don't think just do

I'm sure many who went through National Service (NS) would be able to relate to this, "Don't think just do" (as you're told). This is prevalent in all heirarchical organisations, but with differentiating degrees dependant on who is in charge of the department. You'd be relatively lucky to have an experienced, forward thinking leader who understands, supports and gives credit when due.

I had the privilege of working under one for 3 wonderful years. But like all things good it had to come to and end, and when I left the department. It opened the floodgates to more people leaving, in 2018 shortly after I transferred out within a span of a year about 20 officers all resigned to join the private sector.

Thoughts after moving out

On my very last day in the government, I was met with disdain which cemented my decision that leaving was the best choice. While it would affect my income in the short term, I felt that it would be a new beginning as I embark on this journey to fulfill my curiosity and prove that there is a better environment out there away from all the politicking.

And true enough, private sector isnt all that scary as some of my ex-colleagues pointed out. But it does pay you for the amount of effort and work you put in, and they definitely appreciate your skills more than what you have in the government sector. Where there will be interviews with the upper management that has condescending attitude, because they have power to decide your future they abuse for their own joy and entertainment. I can't remember the names but through interviews, I've met 3 persons that are like that.


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