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Milestones and Goodbyes

Milestones Achieved

It's 2023 and as of this post I'm on my 49th week in the company. Reflecting back on all the work I've been doing, there has been significant growth for me as the more I explore and work on stuff the more I notice that there's so much more to learn. When I first started software engineering in 2018, I only knew 3 things html, css, javascript and I wasn't that good with it at all. I struggled understanding for loops and functions and variables, but I enjoyed solving problems and each step I took possibly helped me grow to what I am now today. A jack of all trades, but master of none. I'm not sure if I'm a T-shaped or V-shaped but i'm definitely a Dash-shaped developer.

Series A2

Over the past year, the founders have been working really hard in securing more funding. As we reach milestones and targets set by our investors, eventually we secured all our funding which sets us up further and in a better position to growth more aggressively. Our only challenge is getting our devices to our clients and actually educating them the differences between RF and Laser Comms. As most of the backend networks, are optimised for RF sensitivity and not for Laser. This is what i noticed so far, especially after working with some teams who try to use RF reasoning to expect similar for laser when the technology is completely different.

Tech firings

In the recent months, many big tech companies have been mass firing people all over the world. While this has definitely shaken things up, now is definitely not the time to move to another company. With our new funding just in, we have a new runway of about 24 months to get shit done and hopefully continue to growth even bigger and better.


Going all over the news and how people use are using it to do all sorts of stuff. Its definitely ground-breaking, but I don't foresee that it will replace software engineering anytime soon.

New House

Finally 2023 also marks a new beginning, it's been more than a year since I've sold my HDB. And we've finally got the keys to our new place, hopefully we can get things ready and move out before the first half of 2023. So many things to do, so much things to spend on and honestly I now realise why it's never enough now. Is this the modern human greed?


Also I've met really good colleagues, it's sad but she was definitely one who left a deep impression on me. It's amazing honestly, she was a career switcher too but her path was different from me. She spent a full year learning software engineering, and then got a job at a robotics company and worked on low level code for a year or so before joining the company. What amazes me was that she was really smart, like smart on the level that I find myself stupid kind of smart. Working with her on manufacturing side, was really enjoyable and it is sad that she left to pursue her dream. But I wish her all the best in Sweden!

Masks goodbye

On another spectrum, masks aren't required anymore in Singapore. But I'd still wear one if I'm going to be stuck in a crowded/packed bus or train, better be safe than risk it. Even though we're all vaccinated and the government is pestering us to update our vaccine, I'd rather not take the 4th dose unless its mandatory. After all, if we're going to get sick taking the 4th dose then whats the difference with getting infected by it and getting sick similarly. The symptoms is almost like a common cold or flu, but taking the vaccine seems to be riskier as the side effects are harsh. I'm not a anti-vaxxer by the way, but weighing my options I'd prefer that more research and test results are out before taking my next dose.

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