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New year, a new start

My stats from Gitlab

Gitlab Stats

Because I work mainly on a privately hosted repository, I don't have the luxury of displaying my stats like I used to. I have been recording stuff on codestats but i find that its lacking alittle in actual stuff. WakaTime seems to be a good option but i'll need to figure out how to integrate it to the privately hosted gitlab instance that we have.

Working with multiple hats

Last year was a pretty tumultuous year for me, and honestly i'm still worried about the situation. The blip as we call it was not a good sign, especially when we were still aggressively hiring prior to that, all of a sudden hiring stopped and bang 70% of the company headcout got retrenched. Roles were redefined, and everyone was taking on more work load.

For a good half of the year, we were so busy firefighting every single problem that surfaced. Our software went from v5.0 to v5.9.0-rc.5 at the end of 2023. Each week we were pushing fixes after fixes, refactoring code and figuring out where the issues were.

Manufacturing output started to pick up towards the last 2 quarters, and with all the work being done we managed to pull through strongly achieving all the targets set above and beyond the expected.

Wishes for the new year

With every year, I hope that I can be better than yester-self. Onward and upwards!

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