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Jobs and transitioning roles

It's now the start of the first week of structural changes in my company. Many people left and moved on, while those that remain are still hanging on to a thin thread with a hope that we're almost there.

On jobs

Right now it's a pretty bad situation for tech jobs, so many layoffs has happened since the start of the year and I sincerely hope that it's bottoming out already. Because all the shit that's happened right now, makes me feel less optimistic about finding a job if my startup fails at the end.

On transitioning

Transitioning to my new role, being one of the last few software engineers left in the company. The scope of work has increased drastically, originally I was focused solely on stuff related to platform engineering. But as I learnt more about our tech stack, I've come to pick up more things along the way some possibly good for my career whilst others for the benefit of the company but has no value in my career.

Not judging about it though, I enjoy what I do but it's seriously taking alot of my time outside of coding. Enterprise support or delivery support, handling client issues with our devices out in the field and then taking the time to investigate the issue going through tons of logs and checking graphs and charts to correlate the problems.

Then comes, handling disk space issues with our cloud services. CI Pipelines failing and needs fixing because of changes to our services and then updating deprecated packages/dependencies and fixing the endless errors that spits out from those pipelines. And finally sitting in sync meetings with daily with the engineering team and then the sales team, its' all just a days work for me.

What's left of my time to then code? That is after work hours now, but as you grow as an engineer with experience. You know you only actually need an hour of time to fully concentrate and build stuff right? Well no, it takes hours to build a good feature with at least 80% coverage in tests.

Teams getting smaller

With my team size getting smaller, from a total headcount of 12. We've shrunk by nearly half, not only do I not feel better with this reduction but the immense workload to cover those people workload is beyond crazy. Most of the senior engineers has left, people who has worked since the company was just a small startup. I'm worried about the sustainability of this situation actually.

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