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New Paycheck

I've got my first paycheck this month from my new job at Bitsmedia ! This first month has been absolutely amazing, from the on-boarding process to the team culture and the openness in exchanging of ideas.


Personally I feel that I don't justify the price tag, but it's a step forward I'm willing to take and grow. For the past month, I've been trying to get up to speed on the codebase. However, I find it really difficult because of the lack of documentation sources. Ultimately it is up to me to find a way through this puzzle piece to be able to feel comfortable enough to traverse through the architecture.

Honestly, I was spoilt by my previous company SoftwareRisk because their documentation and the amount of detail and effort put into creating it really paid off in terms of speeding up development work. Well that is how things are with different teams and dynamics.


With the extended COVID-19 situation, most of the travel plans had to be cancelled. On the flip-side, I'm fully vaccinated with minor side effects. Within the 72-hour span, I only felt some minor headaches and body ache but that could also be a pseudo effect because my wife had similar symptoms including high fever.

Side Note: Development

I tried out Github co-pilot for a week while developing and man it really screwed up the codebase. It deleted some methods without notifying and during a merge it broke production. So I decided to go back to using Jetbrains instead of Visual Studio Code for now.

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