Gabriel Lee

Software Engineer

Self-taught to design and build websites at the start of the millennium. Proficient in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and Go. Familiar with modern javascript frameworks, ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS.

An intuitive thinker, focused on solving problems and passionate in creating functional and beautiful products. I believe that learning never stops and there will always be new challenges to overcome. Reliable team player that is able to collaborate well and ensure projects are completed on time.

Technical Skills

  • Languages - Bash, Go, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML/CSS.
  • Tools/Environment - Git, Monday, Slack, Github, Gitlab, Docker, Heroku, Redis, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Neovim.
  • Frameworks/Libraries
    • Go - Gin, Gorm, Gorilla, Pgx, Echo
    • JS/TS - ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, VueJS, NextJS, Webpack, Bootstrap, Material
    • Python - Jinjja, Django, Tornado
  • Data - PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, JSON, MongoDB, BoltDb, Firebase - Firestore, RTDB, Storage, BigQuery


Full Stack Engineer

Transcelestial - Mar 2022 - Present | Singapore

  • Technologies used - JS - ReactJS, Golang - Echo, BoltDB, C++ - OpenCV, GCP - K8s, Grafana, Shell, Gitlab
  • Develop internal tools for Platform.
  • Improve REST API endpoints for Backend.
  • Create unit tests with gomock and testing.T
  • Write documentations on architecture.
  • Improve Core Technology for Pointing Acquisition Targeting System to allow multi beacon setup.
  • Attend to customer support issues and requests.
  • Fix Camera Stream issue conflicting a multi container setup.
  • Refactor propietary scan logic reducing scan times by 300% from O(N)^2 to O(N)
  • Support Software Issues with Jig on manufacturing line.
  • Built software improvements for new Hardware Rev.
  • Work on Free Space Optics Link Testbed setup.
  • Maintain Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Setup CI Pipelines for Integration Testing.
  • Rebuild Cloud Infrastructure for logging system saving cost by 50%.
  • Interview Candidates.
  • Mentor Interns.

Full Stack Engineer

Bitsmedia - Jul 2021 - Mar 2022 | Singapore

  • Technologies used - ReactJS, Firebase, Python Jinja, NodeJS, Redis, Kubernetes
  • Build new features for Frontend Platform.
  • Develop microservices and tools on Backend.
  • Implement REST API endpoints for Backend.
  • Create unit tests with Jest.
  • Write documentations on codebase.
  • Integrate Web Payment Services.

Software Developer

Software Risk - Jan 2021 - Jun 2021 | Singapore

  • Technologies used - ReactJS, Redux, Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL.
  • Build new features for Web Platform.
  • Fix bugs from existing Platform and implemented enhancements.
  • Develop microservices and tools for Backend.
  • Implement new REST API endpoints for Backend.
  • Create unit test prior to deployment.
  • Update user stories in sprint planning.

1 Web & Design Officer

Public Affairs Department - May 2018 - November 2020 | Singapore

  • Create publicity materials
  • Design Unicorn - Product Design, Graphic Design, Illustrations, Book Design, Building Design, Interior Design, Web Design.
  • Designed UX Mockup for Website [](, [](
  • Develop Intranet Website.

Divisional Technology Officer

Police Security Command - April 2013 - April 2018 | Singapore

  • Developed new Portable Security Equipment for Surveillance.
  • Evaluate new Radio System Technologies.
  • Implement Security Systems at residences.

Personnel Security Officer

Police Security Command - 2009 - Apr 2018 | Singapore

  • Ensure the safety and security of Cabinet Ministers, and visiting Foreign Dignataries.


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics

University of Portsmouth - UK - 2021 - 2022 | Singapore

Diploma in Infocomm Technology

PSB Academy - 2020 - 2021 | Singapore

Diploma in Applied Psychology

Raffles College of Higher Education - 2007 - 2008 | Singapore


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