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Its almost the end of the last semester of my studies! And I've finally said Good-bye to my old career. One that has helped me grow and learn how cruel life can be. The last 2 years was both a nightmare and an eye-opener, hopefully expanding my horizon further will allow me to pursue something greater than what I started with.

I love to code, but still not as confident about myself when I see others who can come up with solutions that I can figure out as quickly as they do.

Go Microservice I

This time round, we learnt about building microservices with Go. Our adjunct lecturer is really fun and interactive, the whole course was amazing as we built an api step-by-step. First we learnt how to use the HTTP service to communicate with our SQL database. Then we use the encoding library, gorilla/mux librarys to parse in the data by marshal and unmarshal to json. And learnt about Docker containers and creating instances to run the application.

For the project assignment, we were tasked to build on the existing guide to combine the two services together. What I liked most about my project was the generation of API keys. Here is a snippet of the code which I figured out to create API keys via curl.

And subsequently this are the functions that allow the basic CRUD operations. So the keys are supposed to be unique and stored in a MySQL database table. Access is granted via boolean values, which if true you are allowed to fetch requests from the api. If false, you do not have permission to access the requests.

Go Microservice II

So next up this week, it'll be the last course of the entire GoSchool apprenticeship program. After this course, there is a 1hr assessment for the program to assign you to the relevant engineering department in their partnership Companies. Hopefully, i'm able to do well in this as honestly this would be my second time going through a developer assessment. And I still don't have any confidence in being able to do well. Wish me luck!

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