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Staying on course


Lately there's been a ton of distractions which made me veer off course. First was finishing my defence for my final engineering project for my degree, then I was helping a friend build an MVP web application and concurrently mentoring a few people who wanted to switch careers.

At the end of the month, I felt so burnt out that at the moment of writing this post. I just don't have the drive to continue development. Thus, I spent some time doing a bit of reflection on myself. I reviewed all the work I did over the past 24 weeks. That's how long I've been in this company, and then wrote down every single detail by week that I could remember into a confluence page. And I noticed a trend, I started working on more things around halfway through between week 8 - 12. I've been maintaining a large amount of work since then covering different domains out of the development time.

This made me realise that, I really need to slow down my pace and start focussing what I was hired to do and stop doing things outside my scope of duties. oh no, is that silent quitting? I don't think so, like the stock market fluctuations our productivity goes up and down. I'm here for the long run and sprinting at every opportunity will make me burn out even faster like a meteorite.

Focus on working on things that have impact, rather than activity. The company might not appreciate what you're putting effort into, that's what I've concluded so far from the seniors.

Final Thoughts

I think I need a longer break. break!

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